Discount Offer for New Clients

Since 2001, we have provided 100% no strings attached Free Masters to new clients, earning us a lot of our repeat clients' business, and we are not forgetting where we started. Due to the amount of work we always seem to have on hand these days, and the reputation we've earned over the last 10 years as being one of the best mastering services for independent Hip Hop artists, we have had to rework the way we offer free mastering of one song to new clients who have yet to work with us.

Unlike other services out there who are willing to do free masters and who might spend 20 minutes on "mastering" your track, we treat each master we work on like we do all our projects. We will audition your mix and offer you free advice should we spot anything that we feel could be adjusted prior to finalizing your mix (part of using a full-service mastering service involves having the perspective of another set of experienced ears). We will fire up our hybrid analog/digital system and listen over our audiophile-grade full range monitoring system to work on your track (no listening on a laptop with headphones and processing your tracks on a laptop with just plug-ins here).

Start out by submitting a mix and paying the album rate of $25. If you are satisfied with the master, we will then give you a $50 credit towards your full-length project's rate; basically, you get your $25 bucks back AND a master done at no charge (album has to be over 11 songs. If your project is under 11 songs, you will get a $25 credit applied towards the balance of the rest of your project). The current turnaround for a single track is 1 business day.

To submit your mix for the free "test" master offer, send payment through our shopping cart (use the 11+ songs button to get the $25 rate) and Send your mix using one of the many free file delivery services available online to: mastering (at) Email us letting us know you've sent a track and give us your contact details so we can associate the file you sent with you.

Thanks for checking us out. I try my best to exceed my clients' expectations and hope to do the same for you as well.

Best Regards,

Luis "L-ROX" Franco
Redsecta Mixing & Mastering



last updated 12/27/11